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Osama bin Laden’s Death Paves Way for Stronger Iraqi Dinar

Osama bin Laden has been the face of terror for a long time, and he has been an inspiration and support to Al Qaeda cadres around the world. His death will be a major psychological blow to the terrorist organization. Osama running free after 9/11 in spite of desperate efforts by the US to capture or kill him was something that spurred on the terrorist outfits. Now that he has been killed by the US forces, Al Qaeda will try hard to take revenge, and it will make last-ditch attempts to harm US efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Political stability and security in Iraq are essential for continued strengthening of the Iraqi Dinar, and military experts say that death of Osama bin Laden might initially create a period of turmoil in the country. Al Qaeda in Iraq has been active since US forces toppled the Saddam regime, and Iraqi government has gone on high alert after Osama’s death. Just a couple of days after Osama’s death, a car bomb, possible planted by Al Qaeda insurgents, exploded in Iraq, killing 9 people and injuring more than 27.

Iraqi President had taken ‘strict security measures,’ fearing a backlash from the Al Qaeda operatives in the country, but could not prevent the attack. There may be fresh waves of terrorist attacks in the short run, but as the President said, “…his [Laden’s] death does not mean the end of al-Qaeda, though it will be greatly weakened.” The terrorist organization will weaken further over the years, now that its leader is dead, and this will help Iraq achieve its dream of peace, security, and stability.

In addition to this, now that US has achieved its target of getting Al Qaeda’s number 1, it will work harder to find and eliminate other leaders, and capitalize on the psychological advantage it holds now.  The only threat to Iraqi stability could come from US itself: if US troops pull out of the country, Iraq’s existing security apparatus may not be able to tackle the opposition. But as the possibility of this is remote, it can be expected that Iraq will prosper with the passage of time and life in the country will normalize.

The death of Osama bin Laden is a huge success for America in its fight against terror, and this will impact the situation in Iraq favorable over the coming year. The chances of Iraq emerging as a peaceful country with a strong economy are high, and this makes it extremely likely that the value of Iraqi dollars will increase in the coming year.

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