Iraqi New Dinar News 2012: New Updates

There are many ongoing developments in Iraq courtesy of Iraqi new dinar news 2012 such as anti-smuggling campaign, local banking reform, and investment law amendment.

Iraqi New Dinar News 2012 Update: Local Banking Reform

Economists, along with the members of the banking sector, reached a consensus on the adoption of modern banking system. The employment of electronic banking, in particular, is among the many reforms much-anticipated by local Iraqi banks. Based on Iraqi new dinar news 2012, establishment of more and more ATM’s happens to be another priority banking project. More than anything else, the consensus also calls for gradual banking independence from government intervention.

Iraqi New Dinar News 2012 Update: Anti-Smuggling Campaign

Based on Iraqi new dinar news 2012, the Central Bank of Iraq revealed that current laws are sufficient to wage a strong campaign against money smuggling. Anti-smuggling procedures are already employed by the government along with private and public Iraqi banks, alike. After all, the CBI governor has already released new instructions to fight currency counterfeiting concerns in the country.

Iraqi New Dinar News 2012 Update: Investment Law Amendment

To make the most of investment opportunities in Iraq, the Iraqi Economic Commission has finally submitted its recommendations on the national investment law. Among the many concerns laid down by the committee is the cooperation of land owners to accommodate business structures and facilities. The committee recommended expedited processing of visa and business permit, too. Iraqi new dinar news 2012 also reported many other handy recommendations to improve the investment law.

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